Pikkupossu children’s book series

“After all the years of painstaking stop-frame animation I have discovered the pleasure of making picture books. Instead of shooting hundreds of frames as in animation, I only need to get one shot of the scene for telling the story. The Piglet books were created for my niece’s daughter Tiia. One of her toys was left behind in my house after her visit. On her third birthday, I presented Tiia the first story book “Piglet came to Maimu’s house” that told the story, what happened to Piglet and how he settled in to his new life in my house where a large black male cat dominated the territory. Now there is another story of how “Piglet found Maimu’s dolls house” and got to know its inhabitants. A third book is in production and further more stories are waiting to mature. The books are written in Finnish and English, but entirely English version is in the pipeline.”